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With the increasing popularity of green web hosting, you will find many web hosting companies providing this kind of service but Greengeeks is the only company that is using 300% green energy to power their equipments. So, webmasters will be doing their part for nature when they sign up a hosting deal with GreenGeeks. There are various hosting packages provided by GreenGeeks but the EcoSite package is one of the most popular choices amongst webmasters. It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. For now, hosting packages starts from $4.95 per month which is a discounted price from $6.95 per month. Users will be able to enjoy great savings with GreenGeeks payment policy. When a user opts for a 1 year contract, their monthly fees will be reduced. For example, a hosting plan with the usual price of $14.95 will be billed as $95.40 per year. This means that the monthly fee is only $7.95. If users go for a 2 year contract, they will save even more as the monthly fee is reduced to $6.95 per month. For this, users will have to pay $166.80 every 2 years. In the long run, u\you will be saving but you will have to pay bigger amount for your hosting in the first place.


Advantages That You Get With GreenGeeks

Although GreenGeek is a relatively new hosting company, it is already the most eco-friendly web hosting company in the world. Founded in the year 2006, this company is dedicated to provide green web hosting service in order to promote a global awareness over the issue of global warming. By using green energy, this hosting is still able to maintain a high level of service as well as a well plan energy consumption tactic. This is how this web provider became so popular. Users will have a hosting service that is 300% green when they use GreenGeeks. So, what is 300% green? GreenGeeks can provide 300% green energy because they are able to generate three times of the wind-power needed to ensure that they machines are running at an optimum level. This is how they became the most eco-friendly web hosting provider on the planet. With a Dual Quad Core server and daily backups done to your data, your website will be in good hands if you use GreenGeeks.

Green Web Hosting with 300% Green Energy

The ultimate goal for GreenGeeks is to encourage a green approach for business practices. They want to bring a change to things by leading as an example. By providing 300% green energy, they are already the world’s most eco-friendly web hosting company. By using renewable energy to power their servers, they are ending a huge message to other web hosting providers who are still using electricity off the grid. They want to proof that renewable energy sources are more than reliable. The hosting deals provided by GreenGeeks will be great for people who love the nature. In addition, it allows webmasters to play their part as well in protecting the environment when they opt for a green web hosting by GreenGeeks.

Users will be able to expect great features from GreenGeeks hosting. They do not lose out to other leading hosting providers at all. Their packages come with:

  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domains

In addition, new users will get a free domain upon registration. For existing webmasters who would like to switch to GreenGeeks, they offer a free migration service. This is great because the webmaster will not have to worry about this complicated process. As for the customer support, users can contact the support team by using phone, live chat or email. They are available 24/7 to attend to your needs whenever you may need it. Most of the time, they will be able to solve your problem with a short amount of time. New users will also be delighted to know that GreenGeeks provide a free site builder for them to build their ideal website.

Migration Made Easy With GreenGeeks

With free migration service provided by GreenGeeks, webmasters can choose to switch their hosting service in order to use green web hosting. Many webmaster are reluctant to do this because this is a very complicated process. But with the professional technician from GreenGeeks, you can switch your hosting easily without any worries. For users that are using cPanel with their current host, GreenGeeks will transfer all of your files and settings. If you are not using cPanel, the support team from GreenGeeks will only be able to transfer 2 databases for you. Your domain settings, emails and other stuff will not be transferred by them. The support team will perform the transfer by contacting via email. So, make sure that you communicate with them to ensure everything goes on smoothly.

Enjoy A Domain Free For Life

Upon registering with GreenGeeks, webmasters will get a free domain. They have a promotion known as ‘Free domain for life’ which means that the user will never have to pay for their domain while they are using the hosting service from GreenGeeks. Normally, a user will need to pay for a domain and some hot names could cost up to more than $100 per year. However, there are cheaper domain names out there as well. Nevertheless, not having to pay for a domain name is something that every webmaster would welcome. GreenGeeks will even renew the domain license every for you as long as you continue to use their service. This is definitely a great deal for any webmaster out there.

Boost Your Website Traffic With Free Marketing Credits

Most people out there create website in order to have a web presence online. A website will be useless if no one know about it. To promote your websites, you will need to invest a certain amount of money in advertising. With GreenGeeks, you will be able to do this for free because they provide free advertisement credits for their users. Users will be able to get $25 worth of credit that they can use on Yahoo advertising. With this, you will be able to get your website notice by internet surfers straight away.

Build Professional Looking Website With GreenGeeks

Don’t know how to use HTML or PHP? Have no worries because you won’t need those complicated programming language even if you are a newbie. Users of GreenGeeks will be able to build a website simply by using the free site builder. Users can choose from 600 different templates and build their website using a step by step tutorial guide. This tool is free when you sign up a hosting package with GreenGeeks. With this tool, webmasters can build professional looking websites with just a few minutes even if they do not know any clue about building a website. They will be able to create a website that is unique to represent their online identity.

Great Customer Support For Your Website To Progress.

When it comes to the issue of customer support, users will be able expect a great service. GreenGeeks have prepared a huge list of FAQ’s that users can refer to when they face an issue with their website. In case they cannot find the solution, they can always contact the support team who is ever-ready to provide assistance. There are several ways such as phone, live that and email that users can use to communicate with the support team. With emails, GreenGeeks uses an email ticketing system where users will be able to choose from a list of problems that GreenGeeks have sorted out. If the users would like to have a faster response, they can choose to use the live chat or phone support. The support team work endlessly to provide excellent service 24 hours a day so that any problems that their clients may have can be solved in the shortest amount in time. All of this is to ensure the quality of the hosting service that they provide.

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Editor’s Verdict: Is GreenGeeks Right For You?

If you are looking to start a website, choosing GreenGeeks as your hosting provider would be an excellent choice. There are plenty of benefits for the user when they go for this hosting provider. The first one is the ability to do their part in saving nature with green web hosting. In addition, users can enjoy great savings when they opt for a longer contract. Most importantly, they will be getting excellent hosting service with plenty of features and superior customer support to assist them when they require help. There is nothing more a user can ask from a hosting provide. So, GreenGeeks is an obvious choice for your hosting needs.

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  1. There are some fantastic, good value and high quality eco-friendly products to be found out there when you start looking for them.

  2. Horrible service. Greengeeks is a scam! I have paid via credit card but they never provided the service I asked. Via chat the only thing they say is to send emails but never get a response. This is fraud. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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