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Behind the School Bag

“Behind the Schoolbag” is a story about self-salvation. Having suffered from a miserable childhood, Shaun couldn’t help but question his own value. Human relationship has always been Shaun’s barrier, sometimes, he wishes he could stay alone, but in reality, Shaun has to re-enter the society. Staying in his own comfort zone, Shaun can do nothing but lock up his heart and distant himself from others.
All the stress and pressure in modern life is driving people insane. We have to learn how to sooth our own emotions so as to survive. We can do nothing but meditate and reflect upon ourselves. We can observe the truth and the essence wisely and feel the presence of now and start living.

Concept & Animation Design : Intoxic Studio
Director / Script Writer / Art Director: Nic Ho Chun Yu
Producer: Ivana Lai Yan In
Lead Animator : Cheryl Chung + Andy Ng
Animator : Ivy Sin + Nell Keung + Beth Tang + Leo Kwok + Yvonne Leung,+ Jun Ho
Music Composer / Musician/ Vocal : Chan Yat Yin
Music Mixing : Angry Fuxking Studio
Sound Effect : iZone Sound Ltd.

2016 | Official Selection in Annecy International Animation Film Festival
2016 | Official Selection in Cartoons on the Bay Pulcinella Awards 2016
2016 | Gold Award in The 21st ifva Awards Animation Category
2016 | Grand Award & Gold Animation Award in 9th HKMFF
2016 | Official Selection in Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
2015 | Silver Award & Audience Choice Award in 17th TBS DIGICON6 ASIA (Hong Kong Region)
2015 | Official Selection in Taichung International Animation Festival