Three Secrets Hosting Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Most hosting companies try to make things easy for clients by explaining technical matters in simple and easy to understand language that increases the clients’ knowledge-base and hosting company’s reputation and clientele.

HOWEVER, some things are good for hosting companies if they are unexplained, and that’s what we call business secret. Of course no hosting company will tell those secrets to general public, will anyone?

The single answer to the above question is “No”, but we’ll explain those ugly secrets for you here.

Here it goes.

1- Unlimited storage and bandwidth space

Some hosting companies offer ‘unlimited disk space’, but have you ever seen a hard disk in market that has ‘Unlimited Space’ on it?

Another gimmick is “unlimited bandwidth” – which, suppose, you can allow users to download unlimited data from your websites. But again, have you ever experienced an internet connection with ‘Unlimited Speed”?

2. Overselling

Let’s say the hosting company has limited resources, i.e.100GB of space and 10000GB bandwidth, and if it makes packages of 10GB space and 100GB bandwidth, it’ll have 10 packages.

Now not all of the users will touch the limit and those resources will remain unused. Here if the company allows unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it means it’s free to create 15 or even 20 accounts.

This is what we call overselling.

3. Server/CPU Usage

The above mentioned ‘unlimited cases’/ overselling have direct connection with CPU Usage. When any of the users attempts to hit a certain limit disk space or bandwidth, his account is suspended reason being “CPU Usage”. Since users can see the disk space and bandwidth usage, but not the CPU usage, so company is on safe side.